3 Hr Live In-Person Intro to Internal Family Systems Workshop April 2024

3 Hr Live In-Person Intro to Internal Family Systems Workshop April 2024

Friday, April 19, 2024
1:00 pm
4:00 pm
4545 E Southern Ave, STE 106 Mesa AZ 85206
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Workshop Description

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in learning about the IFS model and getting some practical skills to use IFS and "parts work" in your therapy practice. In this workshop I will cover the basics of the model as a whole. However, I will focus most of the time on teaching the skills needed to get your sessions started. In IFS terms... I will be covering the "The 6 F's"

Finding parts

Focusing on one part

Fleshing it out

Feel toward... aka establishing Self to Part relationship

BeFriending the part

Fear... getting to know the part's fear

Knowing how to walk yourself and a client through these steps will help put you on the right track of using IFS and is a useful set of skills that can be incorporated into many other therapy models. Even if you are familiar with IFS and using it, this course can be helpful in sharpening skills.

Workshop Timetable/Agenda

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The Facilitator

Dave Adamusko

Dave Adamusko, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Leadership Coach with 15 years of experience, specializes in Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy. Certified in IFS, he passionately guides individuals and couples through challenges, emphasizing experiential methods over mere conversation.

Dave has presented at the IFS National Conference and served as a Program Assistant for Frank Anderson’s Trauma and Neuroscience training, enriching both his practice and educational contributions. Committed to fostering personal growth, he believes in hands-on, interactive approaches to help clients truly experience transformation. Dave continues to learn, grow, and support others on their journeys.

Dave Adamusko in a blue checkered pattern button up shirt lookin gat the camera.